Revolutionizing Capital Markets

Enabling the market to tokenize and trade digital assets through blockchain technology.

Crypto App

An easy and secure crypto wallet and exchange service.

Whether you’re starting a new crypto portfolio or expanding your existing one, tZERO’s Crypto App provides an easy and intuitive way to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrency.

Designed with your security in mind, tZERO’s Crypto App was developed so individuals maintain direct possession and custody of their assets and private keys on their mobile device, right in the palm of their hand. You remain in control of your assets at all times, not an exchange.

Zero hassle. Zero confusion. Maximum financial flexibility.


  • Store crypto on your phone, rather than more vulnerable, third-party exchanges.
  • Recover your wallet even if you lose your phone and private keys using proprietary recovery technology.
  • Biometric authentication secures your access from theft or loss of passwords.


  • tZERO complies with all US regulatory laws.
  • We only offer trading of cryptocurrencies that have been vetted for longevity.


  • Intuitive user experience that required no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  • 1% flat fee for both buys and sells, excluding a network fee.

Security Tokens

The next generation of traditional securities.
What are Security Tokens?

Security tokens are digital representations of traditional securities such as equities, bonds and options.

Benefits of Security Tokens?
  • Democratize access to capital formation
  • Enhance liquidity for traditionally illiquid assets
  • Instant settlement (no market manipulation via settlement failure)
  • Reduces friction costs with regulation aware tokens
  • Allow more customizable securities
  • Provide more transparency for regulators
Dinosaur Financial Group powered by tZERO®

Revolutionizing Trading

tZERO is bringing secondary liquidity to traditionally illiquid asset classes. The tZERO platform, operated by tZERO ATS, is the premier market for the secondary trading of tokenized assets. This revolutionary advancement in capital markets allows for quicker and more efficient exits for early stage investors in private equities and democratizes access to these previously exclusive assets for a wide range of investors.

Revolutionizing Funding

Big or small, companies of all sizes and industries will have a progressive new way to fund their vision through a security token offering. tZERO’s technology and infrastructure supports any capital raise scenario.

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In the race to revolutionize capital markets through blockchain technology, tZERO is leading the pack with its technical expertise, track record of innovation and focus on regulatory compliance. We approach challenges with an innovative mindset, from formulating new market processes to building the secure and robust technologies that enable them.

Committed to Compliance

For tZERO, compliance is a North Star and a key competitive differentiator. tZERO recognizes and acknowledges the role of regulation in managing today’s financial markets. From its inception, tZERO has worked closely with regulators and legal experts to develop, and release products and services that adhere to regulatory requirements. For tZERO, there are no shortcuts.

Founded in Tech

Our goal is to make traditional markets more efficient, reliable, and accessible to everyone. We are creating platforms and products that overcome the limits and constraints of legacy market models by introducing new possibilities and making significant improvements to elevate the status quo.


Navigating uncharted territories in the worlds of technology and finance requires a great deal of expertise.
Amit Goyal
Alan Konevsky
Brooke Navarro
Saum Noursalehi
Joel Quall
To build the future of capital markets, we approach challenges with an innovative mindset, from formulating new market processes to building the secure and robust technologies that enable them.