Crypto App

An easy and secure crypto wallet and exchange service.

Whether you're starting a new crypto portfolio or expanding your existing one, tZERO's Crypto app provides an easy and intuitive way to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrency.

Designed with your security in mind, tZERO's Crypto app was developed so individuals maintain direct possession and custody of their assets and private keys on their mobile device, right in the palm of their hand. You remain in control of your assets at all times, not an exchange.



  • Store cryptocurrency on your phone, rather than more vulnerable custodial exchanges.
  • Recover your wallet even if you lose your phone and private keys using our proprietary recovery technology.
  • Biometric authentication using your phone's own security features keeps your assets safe from theft or loss of passwords.


  • Dedicated to regulatory compliance.
  • We only offer trading of major cryptocurrencies tested by the market for stability.


  • Intuitive user experience that requires no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  • 1% flat fee for both buys and sells, excluding a network transaction fee.

How are we better than other cryptocurrency exchanges?

The most important difference between tZERO Crypto and other third party cryptocurrency exchange services is that, with tZERO Crypto, your cryptocurrency is held on your personal mobile device from the moment of purchase. This means only you have access to it and it is far more impervious to being hacked or stolen as long as you maintain control of your phone and 12 word key.

Custodial exchanges hold wallet keys in custody for you. This is convenient but can cause customers to lose their assets when hackers see large amounts of cryptocurrency in a single location or an exchange shuts down. It also results in additional, hidden fees when you try to withdraw your cryptocurrency from the exchange to your personal wallet, either to hold it or use the cryptocurrency for transactions. Other popular exchanges charge an additional 1% of your funds to withdraw your cryptocurrency.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a name for any electronic, decentralized form of payment, like Bitcoin, which uses cryptography to create a uniquely identifiable asset in cyberspace. Each Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency can only change possession when the holder signs a transaction with a cryptographic key that proves it belongs to them.


What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet, like tZERO Crypto, is a software program or other method of storing cryptographic keys. These keys are required to make transactions using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. That means that keeping these keys secure is of the utmost importance. Losing a key is like dropping cash on the ground. This is why tZERO Crypto developed its unique key recovery system. Even if you lose your phone and 12 word wallet recovery key, tZERO Crypto will be able to help you restore your account and your funds. With other decentralized wallets or services, if you lose your device and/or 12 word key, those funds are lost forever.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange service, like tZERO Crypto, is a business that allows customers to exchange cryptocurrencies for other assets, such as US Dollars or other conventional fiat currency. tZERO Crypto allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether, and Ravencoin in US Dollars.