Digitize Your Investors

Digital securities are conventional securities with a blockchain technology overlay, enhancing the issuer and investor experience through customization and transparency. Tokenized assets transform the capital formation process by automating and reducing the costly compliance requirements through a transparent and immutable ledger.

At tZERO, digital securities have several advantages over traditional securities, all while operating in a regulated environment.


Structure Your Security to Fit Your Specific Needs

tZERO empowers companies to design digital securities, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tailored to their individual goals.


Fractionalize Your Asset to Achieve Multiple Benefits

Fractionalization makes assets more divestible and tradeable. Fractionalization extends beyond equities to assets, such as real estate, funds, art, film, and more, fundamentally changing how we invest in these assets. It opens up access to illiquid assets that were previously reserved for the wealthy, ultimately expanding the opportunity to own. By fractionalizing ownership, companies are able to unlock the following benefits: