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The way we invest in assets is about to fundamentally change with the arrival of tokenization. tZERO's network of strategic partners and affiliates (including registered broker dealers) serves as a resource to issuers who want to raise new capital or sell existing equity in digital form and provide a path to enable secondary liquidity. This innovative solution leverages new technology, while relying on traditional capital markets rules and market participants, to issue, trade, and settle digital securities.


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tZERO provides all types of companies a progressive new way to fund their vision through a digital enhancement to their security.

tZERO ATS - Secondary Trading

tZERO's ATS brings liquidity to traditionally illiquid assets. Click here to visit the website of tZERO ATS's subscriber for access.

What is a Digital Security?

Digital securities are traditional types of securities, such as equities or bonds, enhanced using the benefits of blockchain and smart contract technology without compromising traditional regulatory compliance and investor protections. These digital securities can represent ownership interests in tangible assets, such as real estate, or in shares of an operating company or a fund. Digital securities allow investors to view record ownership on a secured blockchain network, providing increased transparency without impacting traditional regulatory compliance and investor protections.

Who should tokenize?

Companies looking to add digital elements to their securities in order to provide investors with enhanced transparency without compromising traditional regulatory compliance and investor protections. Here are some popular uses cases for tokenization:

Private Companies

Private companies issuing new securities in a transaction exempt from registration under US securities laws.

Real Estate

Tokenization allows developers and landowners to sell and trade fractionalized ownership in real estate assets like parcels of land, sections of buildings, and even divisions of natural resources.

Blockchain technology has the potential to eliminate decades' worth of pain points in capital markets and democratize access to investment opportunities that have only been enjoyed by institutional investors and select high net worth, well-connected investors. Subject to compliance with applicable rules and regulations, this will enable issuers to access a global network of capital and potential customers. In addition, digital securities can provide issuers the following benefits:

Fractional Ownership
Rapid Settlement
Automated Compliance
Simplified Investor Distribution
Increase Liquidity
Cost Reduction

Global Securities Standard

Global Securities Standard

Leveraging the power, security, and adaptability of tZERO's advanced protocol. Remove all of the guesswork and empower your securities with the strength of a well vetted, stable protocol.

Bring your own Token

Whether you've already listed, or are tied to an existing standard, we will work with you to incorporate your securities into the tZERO ecosystem.

Supported Tokens