Liquidity Solutions for Companies

tZERO offers private market liquidity and secondary trading solutions through the tZERO Securities, customized trading modules, and tailored white-label solutions. If you are a private company and have shareholders, including employees, seeking to provide a path to liquidity, tZERO is here to help.

  • Access to unique trading methodologies like continuous trading, block trades, or auction events based on your goals and objectives
  • Flexibility to host the secondary trading solution on your website or tZERO’s website
  • Ability to potentially bring in new investors to trade your shares
  • Optionality to fractionalize or tokenize your equity
tZERO Market
Secondary Trading

A Premier, Regulated Alternative Trading System Providing Continuous Secondary Liquidity

tZERO is revolutionizing private markets through its dynamic marketplace for trading private securities. tZERO enables companies to provide shareholders with the option to access valuable liquidity and investors with the opportunity to invest in pre-IPO companies or private equity funds.

Features & Benefits

  • Continous Trading

    Live private market with continuous trading, representing roughly 85% of U.S. digital security volume, where holders of traditionally illiquid securities can transact with a large pool of investors.

  • Many Investor Types

    Accessible to all investor types (i.e., retail, accredited, institutional), including broker-dealer subscriber access.

  • Diverse Assets

    Ability to host the majority of asset types, including private companies, funds, real estate, and other asset types.

  • Regulation-First Approach

    Solutions to accommodate company-designated restrictions and the current regulatory environment.

  • Flexible Minimum Investment

    Private security issuance and trading platform with minimum investment guided by the issuer.

  • Customized & Automated Features

    Automate offering and trading criteria, as well as investor reporting, distribution, and corporate transactions.

  • Low Trading Fees

    Lower fees than privately negotiated and third-party brokered transactions.

  • Fast Settlement

    Same-day settlement, minimizing challenges posed by T+2.


The St. Regis Aspen Resort


“Investing in commercial real estate projects is often prohibitive for most investors, particularly for high-profile properties. We believe investors will benefit from the transparency, accessibility and liquidity of the ASPEN digital security through our partnership with tZERO, who we view as the leader in capital markets innovation and secondary liquidity for private assets.”

Stephane De Baets

Elevated Returns

Auction Events

Customizable Marketplace to Facilitate Auction-Style Bidding Structure

An auction is a process where buyers place bids on an asset with the goal of purchasing the asset, which is granted to the highest bidder. tZERO’s technology platform has the ability to hold different types of auctions where companies can customize the price floor/ceiling, the timing of bids/asks, seller eligibility, existing/new buyers, and more, to potentially benefit from competitive price discovery.

  • Determine the sell-side
  • Establish auction parameters
  • Open the dataroom and bidding platform to investors
  • Calculate the clearing price
  • Transfer shares between buyers and sellers

Our experienced team provides support to help you identify a transaction type and structure that works best for your company.


Privately Negotiate a Trade with a Selected Eligible Counterparty

Block trades are transactions involving large quantities of a security, which are privately negotiated away from a central limit order book or trading venue. Block trading can provide a fast and efficient way for holders of substantial equity to monetize their equity.

Explore our solution today.

White Label Solution

Your Trading Experience Powered
by tZERO

tZERO’s technology solution enables companies to host their secondary trading experience on their own website giving them the power to customize and brand the landing page to create a personalized user experience.

Why Powered by tZERO?

  • Experienced Intermediary

    tZERO works with companies to create innovative solutions and products. We also design and manage their marketplaces to help them achieve their strategic goals.

  • Backed By Financial Institutions

    With the New York Stock Exchange/Intercontinental Exchange as a significant investor, tZERO brings world-class technology, security, brand trust, and compliance capabilities.

  • Leader in Blockchain Innovation

    tZERO is a pioneer in deploying tokenized assets at scale and operates a leading SEC-regulated trading platform for digitally enhanced securities.

  • Strong Technology Offering

    tZERO has established a comprehensive technology offering that has integrated with blockchains, transfer agents, broker-dealers, and other service providers.

  • Regulation-First Approach

    tZERO is a leading, digitally capable, regulated technology provider and marketplace. As we operate in a highly regulated environment, we have pursued the appropriate regulatory licenses for the activities we engage in. We are committed to the issuance and trading of securities, including digital assets, in a fully compliant manner with evolving regulations.