Liquidity Solutions for Companies

tZERO offers secondary trading solutions through the tZERO ATS, customized trading modules, and tailored white-label solutions. If you are a private company seeking to provide a path to liquidity for all shareholders--including employees--tZERO is here to help.

Secondary Trading

A Regulated Alternative Trading System Providing Continuous Liquidity

By enabling shareholders to access continuous liquidity, and investors with opportunities to invest in pre-IPO companies
and private equity funds, tZERO is revolutionizing trading in private markets.

Features & Benefits

Regulation-First Approach

Solutions to accommodate company-designated restrictions and the current regulatory environment.

Many Investor Types

Accessible to retail, accredited, and institutional investors and traders.

Diverse Assets

Including private companies, funds and real estate.

Continous Trading

Private market, where holders of traditionally restricted or illiquid securities can find liquidity and ingress/egress to such assets.

Customized & Automated Features

Automate trading criteria and distribution of shares. Use the trading platform to convey relevant company information.

Low Trading Fees

Lower fees than privately negotiated and third-party brokered transactions.

Fast Settlement

Same day settlement.


The St. Regis Aspen Resort

“Investing in commercial real estate projects is often prohibitive for most investors, particularly for high-profile properties. We believe investors will benefit from the transparency, accessibility and liquidity of the ASPEN digital security through our partnership with tZERO, who we view as the leader in capital markets innovation and secondary liquidity for private assets.”


Customizable Marketplace to Facilitate
Auction-Style Bidding Structure

Companies may utilize tZERO's trading platform to hold customizable auction markets, granting the company significant
control over the terms by which transactions will be executed. For example, a company may wish to establish price floors/ceilings, market open/close timelines, and trader eligibility rules. tZERO enables the company to exert control over these and many other trading parameters.


Privately Negotiate Transfer of Large Share Blocks

Block trades are privately negotiated transactions of substantial size that occur away from the public trading platform. By offering counterparties the capability to transact large-sized blocks privately, both buyers and sellers can feel confident they have achieved sufficient liquidity to take on or shed risk.

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