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About Curzio Research

Curzio Research Inc., (“Curzio”), a Delaware corporation, is an independent financial newsletter publisher and media company. Curzio provides unbiased research, market analysis, unique stock ideas, and educational materials that individual investors need to consistently generate market-beating returns. In 2015, market analyst Frank Curzio founded the company to disrupt the multibillion-dollar financial newsletter industry. In 2019 Curzio Research launched its own security offering of preferred equity known as the Curzio Equity Owners token. The preferred equity issuance and private placement offering was for U.S. accredited investors and non- U.S. investors with exemptions under Regulation D and Regulation S of the Securities Exchange Act. The Company raised approximately $4 million almost entirely from its own client base. After going through tZERO Securities’s customary due diligence process, Curzio’s preferred equity security was permitted to trade on the tZERO Securities.