Diversify Your Portfolio by Accessing Unique Investment Opportunities

Whether you are an investor, employee, or both, tZERO offers paths to unlock the value of shares of private companies and funds. We provide access to customized secondary transactions and a range of investment opportunities, including private securities, public securities, NFTs, and more.

Investor Protection

Members of FINRA and SIPC, and we are registered with the SEC.

Unique & Diverse Assets

Access a variety of private securities not found on other platforms.

Innovative Technology

Access to immutable ownership records made available on a blockchain based on issuers’ preference.

Same-Day Settlement & Clearing

All transactions for non-registered securities are settled, custodied, and cleared same-day.

Low Fees

Low trading fee for buys and sells of assets.

Simple User Experience

Build and manage your portfolio through our user-friendly interface.


Supporting a Range of Investor Types

Many investor types have access to a variety of investment opportunities through tZERO.

A retail investor is an individual, non-professional investor who buys and sells securities through brokerage firms or retirement accounts. Retail investors are private investors that are investing their own money for their own profit.


Private Securities

All investor types can invest in and trade shares of emerging and innovative private companies as easily and efficiently as public equity.

Yield-Bearing Instruments

Real Estate

Alternative Assets

Financial Products


Public Securities

In addition to private securities, tZERO provides access to public securities that trade on national exchanges, allowing investors to manage all of their investments through one platform and provider.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Investors are able to invest in NFTs through tZERO’s  digitally capable, regulated securities trading platform.

tZERO Securities

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Providing Shareholders with a Path to Liquidity

If the issuer trades on tZERO, we can help shareholders sell their holdings through a variety of avenues, providing a path to liquidity.


Auction Events

Customizable marketplace to facilitate auction-style bidding structure

tZERO facilitates private company secondary auction-style bidding processes to identify your transaction timing, price range, and sell limits tailored to your needs.

Block Trading

Privately negotiate a trade with a selected eligible counterparty

tZERO helps you identify accredited investors for your secondary block trades.

Secondary Trading

A premier, regulated alternative trading system providing continuous secondary liquidity

tZERO democratizes access to private assets by digitizing ownership records and allowing them to trade on a regulated platform.


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