Effortlessly tokenize and trade
digitally enhanced securities in a
compliant manner.

tZERO’s trading ecosystem supports private securities digitally enhanced by
blockchain technology to enable private companies and their investors to access
secondary liquidity.

Modern Building

Shift to digital assets through tokenization

Blockchain and smart contract technology enables most assets to be tokenized into digital form, fundamentally changing the way we invest in assets, making them more divestible and tradeable. Tokenization extends beyond equities to assets, such as real estate, funds, art, film, and more, making these assets more easily divisible and tradeable with the added security provided by an immutable blockchain.

Companies are looking for fast onboarding, an immutable ledger to display ownership records of regulated entities, and an innovative venue that leverages institutional-quality technology to execute trades in securities enhanced by blockchain technology within the guardrails of conventional market participants and practices.

That’s where we come in. tZERO’s proprietary technology can digitize a company’s capital raise or existing capital structure, new or existing funds, or illiquid assets, and provides numerous benefits.


Marries the regulatory requirements of securities with financial and blockchain technology.


Token smart contracts on an immutable blockchain.


Shareholder registry easily viewable on the blockchain.

Fast Settlement

Trading and settlement of securities in real time.


Streamlines back-end processes, reporting, compliance, and transactions.


Full integration with tZERO Securities ensures instant ability to trade.

Blockchain Agnostic

Currently implements on Ethereum, Tezos, and Algorand and can be implemented on other blockchains.


Traceable, convenient upgrade process.


The next generation of how the
world trades value

Digital securities are conventional securities with a blockchain technology overlay, enhancing the issuer and investor experience through customization and transparency. Tokenized assets transform the capital formation process by automating and reducing the costly compliance requirements through a transparent and immutable ledger.

At tZERO, digital securities have several advantages over traditional securities all while operating in a regulated environment.


Investors and employees can access continuous liquidity through the tZERO Securities.


Issuers have the ability to customize their offerings and trading restrictions tailored to the needs of investors.


Investors receive same-day, in-house trade settlement and automated investor reporting, distribution, and corporate transactions.


Capital markets are democratized by granting investment opportunities to retail investors that were previously difficult to access or illiquid.


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